an ode to amsterdam, and other bits and pieces.

scenes from the weekend, 3.9.2012 - 3.11.2012

1. first signs of spring: fresh tulips. i’m dying to see these beauties sprout up all over the city, hopefully by the end of this month.

2. cat boat round 3, with alex this time. i’m now a certified regular at De Poezenboot, and have a t-shirt to prove it.

3. treasures from Noordermarkt, a pop-up Sunday farmer’s market in the Jordaan. vibrant leather notebooks, hand dyed and bound.

4. just-kitschy-enough Amsterdam magnets that I may have to snatch up for my refrigerator.

5. my never ending quest to find the perfect pair of shamelessly fake spectacles continues.

6. a flash mob. while out for a lazy Sunday brunch, we watched in shock and awe as a group of about ten locals appeared in the middle of Spui square, donned headphones, and began wildly dancing to music only they could hear. 

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